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Sunday, 5 August 2012


One of the first thing that we are usually interested in the moment we look around to find out the details of the latest smartphones is the music playback quality of those phones. Beside new features innovation, music is the central focus for brands like Apple (iPhone), SonyEricsson, Samsung and obviously Nokia N-Series. While the Nokia N-Series default player does a good job of playing music  it certainly can be further enhanced with some stunning 3rd party music players for mobile.
Today we will take a look at one of the most feature packed standalone music application that are made for Symbian phones and that can be considered to be the very best premium software available. TTPod (iPod for Nokia!) features extensive list of features which not only makes your music sound better than the iPhone but actually lets you customize the skin perfectly.
TTPod Mobile Music Player is one of the most feature packed Nokia software for music playback is called TTPod Music Player for Nokia. TTPod is built with quality in mind and offers some extra features that really makes it a fine app for your mobile music library to have.
In short let us take a look at some of the more advanced features that the English version of TTPODmobile application brings with it:
  1. 10 band manual equalizer mode is truly working well with this symbian app and they can be controlled all at once or individually.
  2. A wide range of preset selections for different types of music makes TTPod a busy music lover’s best friend on Series 60 mobile phones.
  3. Consists an automatic mode for tagging lyrics to individual songs and these can be displayed on your smartphone’s screen automatically. It can download and attach appropriate lyrics automatically without the need of any further intervention.
  4. Additional option for manual lyrics tagging and Karaoke based line by line voice synchronization.
  5. Memory consumption during music playback is relatively low which ensures that you can switch it on and enjoy the music instantly while start browsing with Opera at the same time.
  6. Excellent play list management and support is built in. It can recognize and convert multiple formats, supports desktop and laptop based play list imports and exports.
  7. Simple user mode scrolling and song display with the navigation keys of your phone. Additional support for custom shortcuts can also be easily implemented.
  8. Extensive custom skins and UI collection are already available in blogs and forums and some of the hottest skins are included in this post as well!! Customize it the way you want and the way you feel represents you.
  9. Neat effects everywhere like customized animations on splash screens, fade out effects on pop-ups etc.
  10. Custom Visualizations are also available to download along with some cool mods to maintain and adjust font size, transparency on menus etc.


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