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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hi ‘n’ Bye | Rock ‘n’ Scroll | Motion Sensors for Nokia

Hi N Bye is a sensor or movement based mobile telephony management service powered by theaccelerometer. It manages how you receive your calls or reject them, turn on the loudspeaker etc. When an incoming call rings in your phone, you will not have to do anything but just simply put the phone up against your ears and the rest will be covered by Hi N Bye. The moment it senses that you are receiving the phone by raising the phone near your ears it automatically manages the ringing tone by turning it off, this will protect your ears from the ringtone!! When you are in the middle of one call and another call is waiting on the queue, the quick shake of the phone will trigger a quick swap between the two lines. To disconnect the second or first call you simply have to shake your mobile phone again and Hi N Bye with the help of the Nokia accelerometer will disconnect it and swap over to the waiting call on the first line. To go loudspeakers you simply motion your hand forward in which you are holding the phone and it will turn the loudspeaker itself.  Just imagine that now you can manage a multiple channels conference call without pressing a single key of your phone. With the Hi N Bye already integrated with the Nokia accelerometer of your handhelds and smartphones, this single mobile application is one of the most convenient and sexiest phone softwares ever thought of and developed.


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